The Lipton Group team applies proven procedures, best practices, and state-of-the-art systems in all aspects of property management including:

  • Asset management
  • Fee management
  • Budgeting/accounting/control
  • Staffing/Training
  • Facility Management/Maintenance
  • Lease Administration/Marketing
  • Forecasting/Projections
  • Capital Renovations
  • Financing
  • Site Acquisition/Disposition

With its owner-oriented approach to property management, The Lipton Group provides the skills, systems and personnel to analyze and develop a management plan designed to meet the individual owner's specific goals for a particular investment.  The decades of experience that come with hiring The Lipton Group means that your assets will benefit from a dedicated team that is attuned to the latest developments in the industry.

When you employ The Lipton Group, you can trust that services are carefully configured to meet the type, size and distinct requirement of each residential or commercial property.  Considerable attention is devoted to the physical appearance of rental properties.  Detailed programs are established to provide thorough preventative maintenance and prompt response to tenants' needs.  Lease administration is structured to ensure a high level of tenant satisfaction and the appropriate tenant mix for commercial sites.  The Lipton Group truly is a full-service property management company and a trusted partner in the multi-family housing and commercial market.